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  1. Samsung galaxy s3 mini kies connection problem

    • Step 2: Disconnect USB cable and click Start. Kies 3 does not support all Samsung devices. If you are having problems connecting to Kies 3 with your device, refer to the device
    • Once the computer and the Galaxy S4 are up, launch KIES and connect the phone to see if the connection is made.


  2. How to Fix Samsung Kies connection problem | Visual Guide to Android USB Development Settings

    • I had connection problem with Galaxy S Advance (Windows 7 x64). I solved it as follows: 1. turn USB Debugging on 2. connect usb cable 3. allow windows to install drivers for
    • Now the samsung mobile USB composite driver shows in USB controllers. Restart KIES and the Galaxy and connect to USB.


  3. Fix: Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge can’t connect to Windows 10 | Windows Report - Windows 10 and Microsoft News, How-to Tips

    • Users reported that you can fix the connection problem with Windows 10 and Samsung Galaxy S6 by removing the Samsung composite device
    • and installing Samsung Kies 3. According to them, after installing the tool you just need to change your USB mode to MTP like we explained in the previous...


  4. Kies connectivity problem explained by Samsung. - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    • Samsung Galaxy S3.
    • I've been trying for 3 days to get my new GS3 to talk with Kies, trying 2 different Window 7 PCs. I can connect via wifi, but the MTP driver never gets properly installed by Window, so I cna not connect via USB.


  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 USB PC Connection problem - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    • My Issue: I am having problems with the USB to PC connection. I am trying to use my Galaxy Note 2 as a media Transfer, but my
    • Before you download and instlall Kies, go to your Device Manager by searching Device manager and finding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 drivers and uninstalling them.


  6. Galaxy S3 USB connection problems - Samsung Galaxy S3 | Android Forums

    • I read many people are having problems with connecting Samsung Galaxy phones to KIES, and that overall the KIES is just a pain, I wonder why SAMSUNG doesn't find a fix for these things.
    • But if you use any app with "Device Admin" thingy as Mandatory requirement, it will restrict the USB connection.


  7. Samsung galaxy s2 kies connection problem

    • You can use Samsung’s Kies software to update your Galaxy S II to the latest build of Android.
    • This is a common problem and several Samsung Galaxy phones seem to have USB connection problems.


  8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 USB PC Connection problem - Page 3 - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    • Franciscus van ylst. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 USB PC Connection problem.
    • Soon after my son connected my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to his computer to demonstrate the KIES function on his computer, both my Samsung Galaxy Note phones are unable to detect my Windows7 anymore by...


  9. "MTP USB Device" driver error (screenshot) when connecting my Galaxy S to my PC in Kies mode -- How can I resolve this problem? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

    • samsung-galaxy-s usb samsung-kies windows.
    • I resolved my Galaxy S connection problem on Win XP 32-bit by installing the Microsoft_User-Mode_Driver_Framework_Install-v1.0-WinXP.exe.


  10. Samsung Galaxy S4 cannot connect to PC via USB after upgrade to Android 4.3 - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    • PS: Nexus 4 has some USB connection problem after upgrade to Android 4.3. There are some forum threads also.
    • hej, Im trying to connect my samsung galaxy s4 to the computer, but it doesent work even after I installed Kies 3. How can I can I make it work.